Music Submission Policy

KZUM loves to receive new music. In general, we air Blues, Folk/Acoustic/Bluegrass, Jazz, Rock, World Music, and Hip-Hop/R’n’B/Soul, but we also play a little of everything. We’ll also accept ANY music from local Lincoln-area artists. We will not necessarily dismiss music from outside these genres, but it is less likely it will get airplay.

Artists, record labels, and promoters may submit any music they would like us to play, but music must meet these guidelines:

  1. Music must be on CD.
  2. Lyrics must adhere to acceptable public radio standards; music with obscene, indecent, or profane lyrics will be discarded immediately.
  3. Singles may be aired, but they will not be retained in our library.
  4. Albums should include written notes for music reviewers. This may include the genre of the album, tracks to try, etc.

How to send music to KZUM:
The best way to get your music on KZUM is to address it to the attention of the Music Director. You may also include the genre or name of program you wish to target. Your album will be forwarded to an appropriate programmer. The address of the station is:

KZUM Radio
3534 S. 48th St., Ste. 6
Lincoln, Nebraska 68506

Music Tracking:
Because of the large volume of music KZUM receives each day, and the number of programmers and music reviewers who decide the air-worthiness of tracks, we cannot guarantee accurate tracking of your music. While this is an inconvenient part of a community radio station, we feel the benefits of having 100 pairs of ears to preview music far outweigh this cost.


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