Podcasts of selected past KZUM programs

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Monday Podcasts

Community Matters
Join Nick Hernandez each Monday morning as he visits with community leaders on various topics.

Our Street
Join Lynn Fisher and Shawn Ryba for interviews with community leaders and experts as they discuss challenges and issues facing Lincoln's neighborhoods. The show will highlight exciting neighborhood programs and projects, feature neighborhoods and identify ways that the listeners can be involved. Your phone calls are welcomed.

Tuesday Podcasts

Earth to Lincoln
Join the Earth to Lincoln team to learn about how our lives and actions have an effect on the environment, both near and far, and what you can do to help. The show features interviews with local officials and experts, as well as frequent month-long themes.

The Servative Hour
Host: Brian Mary
A talk show of political commentary, local and national, the show features guests and welcomes your calls.

Wednesday Podcasts

How's It Growin'
Hosts: Bob Henrickson and Bertine Loop
Your weekly hour of arm chair gardening, the show takes your calls and answers your question about all things gardening. Plus, frequent experts and information about what’s going on in the farmer’s markets and community gardens of Lincoln.

The Joy Factor
Host: Sheila Stratton
Inspiring stories for drive time or dinner time! Host and Life Coach Sheila Stratton features extra-ordinary stories from ordinary people who brought something they loved to life! Each week you'll hear an interview with someone who did something they loved. Hear how the dream moved from vision to reality and be inspired to take action for yourself!

Canine 360
Join Jill Morstad each Wednesday morning to consider and explore how dogs create and reflect our values and ideals, and our conceptions of the good life and the good state for dogs and people.

Thursday Podcasts

Human Services Connections
Join members of the executive committee of the Human Services Federation as they shine a weekly spotlight on the great work being done by the many nonprofit agencies in Lincoln and Lancaster County. The program features interviews with leaders from a different local agency each week and strives to engage our nonprofit community with the people who can benefit from its vast services.

Platte River Sampler
Join Phil Schupbach and Tom Ukinski for a weekly exploration of original prose, poetry, drama, songwriting and more, all from Nebraska, often delivered by the authors themselves. It's great writing and performance from across the state, every Thursday from 6-7 p.m. on "The Platte River Sampler."

Saturday Podcasts

Health Talk
Host: Dr. Paul Firnhaber
Your weekly one-hour show for all the relevant health issues of our day, Dr. Paul gives you the latest in scientific information and health topics while welcoming your calls.

Exploring Unexplained Phenomena
Host: Scott Colborn
Scott Colborn is the original host of the "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" radio program, broadcasting live every week since 1984. It's one of the longest-running paranormal talk radio programs in the world! Each week Scott and his dedicated staff call authors, researchers and visionaries around the world and enjoy an in-depth discussion of their work, passion and discoveries.

Sunday Podcasts

Lavender Hill
Hosts: Corwin Watts and Phil Kessler
The show features LGBT news from around the world with a focus on Lincoln and Omaha, plus interviews with those from the local LGBT community.

Other Podcasts

Artist Interviews
Here you will find a collection of recent interviews of area artists.

Special Presentations
Here you will find a collection of special presentations.

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